NewDreams Vasche Idromassaggio
Vasche Idromassaggio
Cabine Doccia

Fabbrica Vasche, Cabine e Minipiscine con idromassaggio

The Newdreamsyoung company on the national

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scene for almost twenty years has been making spa products: bath tubs jacuzzi, multifunction shower spas and spas. Twenty years dedicated to the research of design, functionality and quality selection of raw materials used. For verici Company , today, we find a young team and prepared, whose aim is to satisfy an increasingly aware and demanding. The products come from a Newdreams production conceived to unite inside industrial technology and craftsmanship, with the primary objective of garanitre a durable product. The winning elements of the company are: management is always attentive to meet the customer's requirements, fast deliveries and a technical consulting service in mind: Delivering this catalog to our customers, Newdreams, hopes to regal a valuable tool for working in the certainty that what you sell to your customers will make it even more important to your prestige toward them.

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Rivenditore Ufficiale Vasche NewDreams

Vasche e Docce Glitterate

data del post luned́ 7 ottobre 2013 - 15:39
Stufo Franck Muller Replicadelle solite vasche bianche? ...dai colore al tuo bagno!!!Newdreams ti propone Lamborghini Fake Watchesuna vasta gamma di vasche e docce su misura glitterate dai colori ral.Un massaggio efficace che tiene conto di due dei nostri elementi naturali: l'aria e l'acqua. Quale m..
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Moa Casa 2012 alla Nuova Fiera di Roma

Moa Casa 2012 alla Nuova Fiera di Roma

data del post venerd́ 26 ottobre 2012 - 15:13
Torna protagonista dal 27 ottobre al 4 novembre, alla Nuova Fiera di Roma, il meglio dell’arredo e design. Tra tradizione e futuroSi rinnova l’appuntamento con l’eccellenza nazionale dell’arredo e del design a Moa Casa Autunno 2012. Presso la Nuova Fiera di Roma, dal 27 ottob..
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